Best selling trucks in Brazil

Do you know which are the best selling trucks in Brazil? According to Fenabrave's license plates, Volvo continues to lead this market.

However, there are other brands that are still well positioned in this ranking, such as Scania, Mercedes and Volkswagen. Check out the full list below!

Volvo FH 540

The Volvo FH 540 is one of the best selling trucks in Brazil today. In 2021 alone, there were more than 8930 license plates for this model.

So, in this year 2022 alone, the number of license plates is around 2500, according to Fenabrave data.

The best-selling version is the 6×4 of this model and is a truck with a capacity of 74 tons.

Scania R450

Continuing, it is also worth mentioning the Scania R450, which in 2021 had more than 6700 units registered.

In this way, now in 2022, 850 units of this truck model have already been licensed.

Therefore, these are very interesting numbers that draw the attention of consumers and competitors alike.

After all, the Scania R450 is one of the brand's new generation models and it comes with excellent performance.


Continuing this list of best-selling trucks here is the DAF XF. In 2022, he had 5390 more units registered.

So, now in 2022, there were more than 1800 units registered and, for sure, this number will grow even more.

So, what stands out about this model is the economy, as it has more than 13% of fuel economy.

In addition, the DAF XF is a premium design truck, which makes it even more attractive.

Volvo FH 460

Volvo is again on this list of best-selling trucks in Brazil, now with the FH 460.

Thus, in 2022 alone, this model has already registered more than 1360 units.

Therefore, this is an already known model, which draws attention mainly because it manages to meet the needs of transport, especially those over long distances.

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In addition, the Volto FH 460 is very safe, with emergency braking, which guarantees more peace of mind when driving.

Scania R540

In this model, the engine has 540 horsepower and is a type of truck that has been on the market for 4 years. However, it is still one of the best-selling trucks in Brazil.

Thus, in 2021, it had more than 3500 units registered and in 2022 it already had more than 580 units registered.

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