Chevrolet presents new Monza in hybrid version.

The incredible brand Chevrolet, has just presented its new project, the hybrid Monza, which will likely take the place of the Cobalt.

So the model comes on the Equinox and Cruze platform, now in the hybrid version with 48V helping the car to do approximately 22km/l.

The Monza 2023 would be what would replace the Cobalt, which has just been discontinued. In China the car is already sold, including in this hybrid version that we are talking about.

Chevrolet added a 48V electrical system, and two engine versions to choose from.

A 1.0 turbo engine with 125 hp of power, or a 1.3 turbo engine with 163 hp of power.

Despite the model being the same three-cylinder model as the Onix, Tracker and the new Onix Plus, the Monza doesn't have as many features as the others.

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The versions that are planned to come to Brazil, only have a single difference in the injection system, which can improve performance.

Another change that took place in China was the automatic transmission system to a CVT system.

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In the hybrid versions, it will have an electric motor with batteries and electronic management systems.

The new Chevrolet Monza has the proposal to be very beautiful and comfortable, with a powerful engine with electrical system to have great performance and be very economical.

In addition, we have some information that the entry model, already hybrid, will run up to 21.3 km / l if it is on gasoline. In some Chevrolet tests, the new Onix Plus 2022 1.0 turbo did 16.4 km/l on the highway and 12.8 km/l in the city.

The New Monza comes on a D2XX platform from the Equinox and Cruze, larger than the GEM platform from the new Onix Plus.

We still don't have information on the date it can be released, but any news we come back to update the post.

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