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Fiat Premio: the car that went to Italy

Fiat Premio is the car from Minas Gerais that went to Italy, completes 38 years of launch in March. See below for more details about this car!

O Fiat Premio CS 1990 was developed in Brazil, although it is an Italian branded sedan.

At the time, this car was launched in the Brazilian automotive market to take the place of the Spazio/147.

This model was one of the best-selling cars in history, with a total of 180,000 units registered in Brazil, because it was the first car to have a computer on board.

In addition to the on-board computer, other features of this car that was new for the time were space for passengers and the trunk, which had 530 liters.

And it doesn't stop here!

This car was one of the few options that had a body and four doors.

Regarding the mechanical part, Fiat did not leave anything to be desired.

The Fiat Premio had an Argentine 1.5 Sevel engine, with an engine of 71.4 hp, and it only left the scene in the 2000s.

This sedan was also sold with a 1.3 Fiasa type engine. But then the line started to have only the 1.5 propeller and also one of the 1.6 type, both from Sevel, and which even received electronic injection.

Faced with so many advantages and the success it was having here in Brazil, this car began to be produced in other countries, such as Argentina and even Italy.

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When it came to the exterior design of the Fiat Premio it was elegant and timeless.

Having smooth lines and rounded shapes that made it attractive to consumers of all ages, the front of the vehicle was highlighted by the rear squares and the front grille.

While the rear was characterized by round taillights and a curved roofline.

The wheels complemented the design leaving the car elegant, providing a sporty and sophisticated look at the same time.

Therefore, the Fiat Premio was a success and the dream of every driver at the time.

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Source: Revistacarro