Ford F250 year 1955: Truck abandoned 0 km for over 40 years

An incredible Ford truck, model F250 from the year 1955, was abandoned at zero kilometer for more than 40 years.

We know that these stories of cars, motorcycles and trucks abandoned in garages, across Brazil and around the world, are very interesting. They are not always abandoned, but guarded by their own owners.

By the way, the owner of this 1955 Ford F250 truck kept it over 40 years ago. The vehicle still has 9000km on it, which makes it very rare, a truck that has barely been driven, neither for leisure nor for work.

The truck has a lot of dust, and it's almost impossible to see which model it is, and it dims its color a little. Also, after so long standing in the same place, it couldn't be different.

photo reproduction

So we don't know how its mechanics are, but it seems to have all the parts and in excellent condition. It will easily return to the streets or gatherings of old people.

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With some information, the owner of the F250 truck said the truck belonged to his father, a car salesman in the 1970s.

Anyway, it was to be expected, but for being a truck of more than 60 years, its interior is very damaged. So the truck's condition seems to be good, original paint, no rot and the engine has only run 9000km so far.

To run with this truck, you will probably have to change all the liquids and give your electrical part a general. But apparently it's a simple thing to do.

The model has a 3.9-liter V8 engine (Power King), generating approximately 130 hp of power.

This Ford F250 truck was a model of the 2nd generation of the F line, a very rare model, which you will hardly see walking on the streets.

Unfortunately we don't know why the Ford was abandoned in this garage for so many years.

If we have more information, we will add it here in the post.

Source: Fixed World

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