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Honda recalls 115,000 cars

That's right you read, Honda had to recall about 115,000 cars because the infotainment system's power circuit was designed the wrong way.

This problem seems to be very peculiar, as it is something that does not usually happen. But, keep reading below because we'll explain it in more detail!

First of all, let's remember that when the engine is started by means of an ignition key, the start can cause the battery's state of charge to decrease.

Therefore, this condition prevents the infotainment system from starting, which results in the rear view camera image failing to display.

Namely, the Japanese automaker had no choice due to the federal motor vehicle safety standard 111 for rear visibility.

Realizing this problem, the Honda began investigating this issue in October 2020. The automaker realized the issue only occurs on vehicles that use an ignition key instead of a push button start in May 2022.

The investigation was halted in December 2022, but Honda waited until January 2023 to rule in favor of a recall campaign.

The Japanese automaker is aware of no less than 205 warranty claims with receipt dates between March 2018 and January 2023.

However, fortunately, Honda is not aware of any reports of injury or death related to this issue.

As such, dealers were recently instructed about this recall. Homeowners can expect to receive an envelope by first-class mail between now and March 13th.

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Honda did not mention how many Fits and Honda HR-Vs are called back by nameplate, though we know the grand total: 114,686 units.

Finally, be aware that suspect infotainment systems will receive updated software containing revised code for the start-up procedure, provided by Denso.

Additionally, homeowners who paid to have this upgrade completed at their own expense are eligible for a refund as it is a non-compliance issue.

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