Mechanic turned his Uno into an amazing Lamborghini

So a young mechanic spent approximately R$ 30K to turn his Fiat Uno into an amazing Lamborghini of dreams.

Mechanic Edimar Goulart, from the city of Rondonópolis in Mato Grosso, has always dreamed of owning a Lamborghini. A dream that comes from his childhood.

Even with minimal resources, he worked on his project to make the dream come true.

Anyway, about three years ago the mechanic decided to start his project. Started turning his 2003 Fiat Uno into an amazing Lamborghini, or rather “LamborgUno”

He worked for several days on this car transformation. It's not quite finished yet, but he can already see his dream coming true.

The young mechanic used his Uno as a base, so all the mechanical parts are from the Fiat Uno 2003, with a 1.0 fire engine.

With some information from the UOL website, Edimar said that he has already spent approximately R$30,000.00 on his project. Which is considered a lot of money for your financial situation.

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He said that he is working as an assistant at a graphic design company, and that he earns a base of R$1,000.00 per month. So it's less than minimum wage.

The mechanic lives in his mother's house, which had to be adapted to transform the car.

In the beginning, he made the pieces with plastic putty, metal angles and styrofoam. After a while, he started to make it with steel structure, welded and fixed to the chassis.

On the surface of the car, it was also made with steel sheets, with fiberglass finishing, said mechanic Edimar Goulart.

Source: Fixed World

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