New Chevrolet Camaro 2022 will have Wi-Fi and Spotify in the multimedia kit

The new Chevrolet Camaro 2022 will have free wi-fi and Spotify in the multimedia kit.

Anyway, Chevrolet continues with its project and is updating its cars with the new free wi-fi system and Spotify here in Brazil.

So Chevrolet's most up-to-date models are getting more and more connected.

After the S10 and the amazing Trailblazer, they are bringing the Wi-Fi system free for a year on the Camaro 2022. It will also feature the Spotify app already integrated into the multimedia kit.

Another novelty that Chevrolet has also brought to the new 2022 Camaro is a free year of Non-Stop.

The only problem, however, is the MSRP for the car, R$475,890.00 on the coupe version, and R$522,500.00 on the convertible version.

With some information, these Chevrolet connectivity is part of a package called “Super Premium” of the OnStar system.

Thus, owners of sports cars will be able to enjoy free wi-fi for a year, with a 20GB monthly plan, offered by Claro.

The car's receiving system is much larger than a cell phone, so it can connect even in more remote places.

They also reported that the capacity is for up to seven devices connected to this system.

With all this, Spotify will only need a login and password, to work straight from the car, without needing a cell phone.

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The OnStar system is directly connected with 24-hour assistance, thus informing you if there is an accident, theft or even an emergency.

Another privilege of the car is the Sem Parar tag, for 1 year, to be able to pass any toll in Brazil. It can also be used in accredited parking lots.

So we have to remember that the Camaro is only being sold in Brazil, in the SS version. Both coupe and convertible.

The Camaro SS is powered by a factory-aspirated 6.2-liter V8 engine. Generating its incredible 461 horsepower and 62.9 kgfm of torque. With a ten-speed automatic transmission system, the same used in the Ford Mustang.

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