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New Ford Fusion 2023: Will it come to Brazil?

The new Ford Fusion 2023 has just had its prices revealed and oddly enough, it's cheaper than the Toyota Corolla.

Ford already imports the Territory, so why wouldn't they import the new Ford Fusion 2023, which has already been presented in China.

Despite Ford announcing that it would only launch SUVs, in China it already has the new version of the Mondeo, which would be the new Fusion here in Brazil.

The incredible sedan has already been revealed and has several version options. Not to mention that apparently, it will be cheaper than the Toyota Corolla.

So the new Ford Fusion 2023, which is called Mondeo in china, will have four versions for sale.

In the Fashion version, which is the entry-level version, it starts at approximately R$120,282.00. Anyway, cheaper than the entry-level Corolla.

Another version is the Deluxe, which will start at R$135,118.00.

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In the more complete versions, they will be in the Extreme version for R$150.148,00 or the Sport version ST-Line, which is the top of the line, for approximately R$165,255.00.

These values have only been converted from the actual value of the car sold in China, so we can expect the value to change slightly.

The new Ford Fusion 2023 will have a special engine, being a four-cylinder 2.0 turbo Ecoboost engine. The same engine used in the Ford Bronco and Ford Maverick.

The 2.0 turbo engine will be able to generate up to 238 hp of power and 38.4 kgfm of torque, with an eight-speed automatic transmission system.

So we just need to wait and see if Ford will bring it to Brazil.

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