Shineray presents its new all-electric SHE S motorcycle

The Shineray brand has just released its new motorcycle the SHE S, now fully electric worth approximately R$ 18,990.

The model has the option of selling extra battery, to improve autonomy. The Shineray SHE S will be able to run up to 75 km on one battery charge.

Therefore the Shineray brand said that the SHE S bike is focused on sustainability, economy and also the great rider experience.

The director of the company Shineray do Brasil, “Thomas Edson”, stated that this project went far beyond the great benefits that an electric motorcycle has.

It adds economy with a sporty look and an incredible riding experience.

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Therefore, the SHE S motor is electric and has 3000W of power, being able to run up to 75km of distance and reach 90 km/h.

It comes with a 72v 35ah lithium battery. Removable battery, which allows you to take out and recharge, giving up to 2,500 charges, lasting up to 7 years.

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A battery charge takes approximately 3 hours to charge, and with that you can walk up to 75 km away.

Finally, you have the option of putting an extra battery, so you can run up to 150 km away with your bike.

However, the SHE S motorcycle will arrive in three colors, being a special edition, a green with black, or in the option of red with black or gray with black.

Mr. Thomas Edson, director of Shineray do Brasil said that with this advance in technology, electric motors are conquering consumers.

Shineray SHE S

Motor - 3000W

Range – Up to 150 km (with extra battery)

Battery – lithium (72v 35ah)

Maximum speed – 90 km/h 3 hours charging time

MSRP – R$ 18,990 + shipping and taxes for each region

Source:  Secret Autos

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