Volkswagen truck 1987 is still found 0km

This rare Volkswagen 22-160 truck, alcohol model, was found zero kilometer.

Therefore, it was stored for more than 30 years, in the same garage. After all, if you like trucks, you will be impressed by this story.

Anyway, if for a minute you ever imagined finding a 1987 Volkswagen truck still 0 km away.

The amazing rare vehicle hunter and 0 km, Reginaldo de Campinas, found. A true rarity kept in a garage in our Brazil.

Recently Reginaldo found this truck, a VW 22-160 V8 with alcohol. A vehicle that was stopped for approximately 34 years in the same place.

This truck model began to be manufactured in the 80's, after all, close to the date that Volkswagen bought all Chrysler operations here in Brazil.

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It also inherited all products and designs, with it also came the 5.2 liter V8 engine.

The same one that was mounted on the Dodge Dart and the E-11 and E-21 model trucks of the time.

With a powerful engine of the Dodge V8 alcohol, original model. The truck has never been restored or refurbished, practically an absolute rarity.

The Volkswagen 22-160 1987 truck was advertised on the website of the great hunter of rare vehicles, Reginaldo de Campinas, for a value of approximately R$300,000.00.

Although the truck has this high value, it is finally a model that you will hardly find these days.

Source: Fixed World
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