F-Maxx the biggest pickup and can cost over R$600k

You will meet the incredible “F-MAXX” pickup, the Brazilian giant can cost more than R$600,000.00.

The F-Maxx is a gigantic pickup truck. It is classified in the generation of the biggest pickup trucks, which are very popular in the USA, and which is wanting its space here in Brazil.

Therefore, the pickup is almost considered Brazilian, and is signed by a company owned by Marechal Cândido Rondom, in Paraná, the famous Tropical Cabines.

The project is called the F-Maxx, a model assembled from various parts and components of other models of Ford cars and trucks.

In the most modern model, the F-Maxx began to be made on the chassis of the Ford Cargo 1723. With several parts from the F250, for example the doors, lanterns and the bucket.

In this model, there was a waiting list and deadlines of up to 90 days to deliver the giant pickup. The value was still close to R$500,000.00.

Its engine is a 5.9-liter diesel, generating up to 230 hp of power, the same engine as the Cargo.