Abandoned for 35 years, Fiat 147 is found with zero km

How would we imagine finding a Fiat 147 from the year 1987 still in a state of zero km?

It was this rarity found by fellow Argentines from the Kaskote website

Kaskote's people specialize in restoring old and rare cars, as well as being a reference in our neighboring country in finding vehicles in unbelievable conditions.

The Fiat 147 was the first car produced in Brazil by the Italian automaker, and was responsible for starting Fiat's destiny in the country.

In 1981, the Fiat 147 was even announced in the neighboring country, as one of the attempts to modernize the assembly line that was inherited from Fiat Concord.

In 1984, the new Spazio model was presented in Argentina, which had the same front as the Brazilian 147.

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