HR-V Turbo 2023: more modernity

When it comes to Honda we know that it wastes no time in launching new models, with the 2023 HR-V Turbo being its latest release.

But then, you must be wondering: what's different about this new 2023 HR-V Turbo model compared to the previous one?

This new SUV model has a flex-fuel engine, whereas the previous one, the 2023 naturally aspirated HR-V 1.5, did not.

That way, while in the previous version you could only fill up with one type of gasoline, now with the HR-V Turbo 2023 you can fill up with both ethanol and gasoline.

With an engine of 177 hp and 6000 rpm, it's a car for both touring and going out on the road.

If you fill up with ethanol, know that you will be able to run 7.9 km/l inside the city and up to 8.8 km/l on the road.

This new version of the 2023 HR-V Turbo has two models, the Advance and Touring versions, but the difference between them is few.