Meet Chery's new TIGGO 2 PRO

If you like Chery SUVs, know that the Tiggo 2 PRO is the last version that will be available for sale here in Brazil.

Unfortunately, due to the low sales of previous SUV models, the Tiggo 2 PRO will be the last version to be launched and marketed in Brazil.

This new SUV model from Chevy is perfect for you who like more discreet cars.

In this way, Chevy's previous SUV models were beefier, while this one is less beefy and less flashy.

The good news is that this new model is aversion with the lowest value compared to others of the same brand.

Thus, the Tiggo 2 PRO is costing only R$ 84,990, thus being considered the cheapest Chery model here in Brazil.

Available in six colors, the Tiggo 2 PRO features a dot-matrix galaxy-style front grille and the side lines are dual.