New Corolla Cross, the competitor of the VW Taos

Toyota's new release, Corolla Cross 2022, is a new SUV model that has come to compete with the VW Taos 2022 model.

In 2022 Toyota launched three models of the Corolla Cross version, the Comfort, Exclusive and Luxury.

Generally speaking, Toyota made this SUV with the goal of being a family car and touring car.

So, thinking about your safety, the Corolla Cross has a pre-collision system, emergency braking and blind spot alert.

Still on the outside of this car, the lights are LED in addition to a panoramic roof that makes the car more stylish and provides well-being.

And the advantages of the Corolla Cross don't stop here!

It has an integration of the CVT type exchange having more than 72 horsepower and with a power of 122 hp.