Caoa Chery may have the Tiggo 8 Pro as its first hybrid car

The new Tiggo 8 Pro has the traction of two electric motors, the 7-seater SUV can reach a consumption of up to 100 km / l

Caoa Chery continues to follow the strategy of updating as soon as possible and to bring its models to Brazil in 2023

Finally, the brand will bet all its chips on expanding its line with the long-awaited Tiggo 8 Pro 2023

With the production of this machine, the model is expected to be the first plug-in hybrid of the Caoa Chery brand.

He was seen wearing camouflage stickers during his street tests. The Tiggo 8 Pro will arrive as the current most complete of the brand, replacing the current Tiggo 8.

Caoa did not reveal much about the engines, but it was revealed by the brand that it will be able to reach an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in around 5 seconds.