New 2023 S-10 could be Chevrolet's big bet

The new S-10 is for anyone who is a fan of General Motors pickup trucks in the USA

Which certainly still has in memory the long-awaited S-10 pickup truck.

Precisely because there, the pickup was the first model built in-house by one of the “Big Detroit Three”.

Here in Brazil, it had the S model until 2012. And after 2012 the model continued to be updated and imported from South America.

The version comes with a Chevy Colorado look, sold in the US.

Anyway, the new Chevrolet S-10 2023 comes just like a Chevy Colorado, only made in Brazil.

From what we noticed in the images, the car will be brand new, with a very modern and attractive appearance.

The design was very good, a version that would probably enter the fight in the pickup truck segment.