The most popular cars in the US in 2022

We always talk here about the best-selling cars in Brazil, but what about in the United States, what are the popular cars there?

here in Brazil we already know which were the most licensed cars throughout the year so far, but what about in the United States?

The list you will see below is of popular cars in the United States, ranked by cumulative sales through November 2022.

But if you are interested in any of the models of these cars, don't worry!

In 1st place, the car that has been standing out in terms of sales in the United States is the Ford F Series, which had a total of 467,307 units sold.

Already in 2nd place we have Chevrolet Silverado, a more powerful car perfect for you who take dirt roads or live in rural areas.

In the top 3rd place we have the Pickup da RAM, a 4×4 with bodywork in the style of Chevrolet's Silverado. This RAM model had 363,089 registrations.

Toyota RAV4 ranks 4th. This car that falls into the popular passenger car category.

Finally, in 5th place you can check out another Toyota car being the sales leader in the United States throughout the year 2022 so far.