Volkswagen launches a new version of the Polo car, Polo 2023

For those who always wanted a Volkswagen Polo model car, VW launched the Polo 2023 at a more affordable price.

Due to some changes that were made, the value of this car decreased by up to R$7 thousand reais.

Although this model has differences from the European model, know that its efficiency and beauty remain the same as the original.

While the 2023 Polo's exterior changes are understated, know that it now has LED lights, the headlights, bumpers and Volkswagen logo have also been redesigned.

The changes in relation to the lanterns were only in the arrangement, that is, on the inside, this new version continues as in the European model.

The most visible changes are on the inside of this car, as Volkswagen took care to fulfill customer requests.

The doors have been redone, being inspired by the Polo GTS model, while the seats have also been redesigned.

And the changes don't stop here, when it comes to the engine this model has only 116 horsepower and a 1.0 turbo engine.