Volkswagen Parati 1996 hidden in garage for over 20 years

Finding an unused Volkswagen Parati in a garage, parked for over 20 years, is every vintage car collector's dream.

That's what happened in yet another search by the respected Reginaldo de Campinas, a great specialist in discovering old cars for sale.

The model he found was a Volkswagen classic. Being a Parati from the year 1996, in the GL 1.8 version.

The amazing thing about this story is that the car had never been on the streets after leaving the dealership where it was bought.

Because in its odometer the vehicle registered the impressive mark of 00006 km run, thus being a stopped vehicle in a state of zero km.

The Volkswagem Parati was very dusty from being in storage all these years, but to get back on the streets it didn't need many repairs.