VW Taos 2023, new release from Volkswagen

Volkswagen promises a new version, the Taos 2023. This new generation of Taos brings multimedia center and ambient lighting as a highlight.

The Taos 2023 is here to compete with the small-sized SUVs

That's because the Taos is considered an SUV

In this way, this model came to compete with the Nissan Kicks, Hyundai Venue and Chevrolet Trailblaze.

Remember that the Hyundai Venue is scheduled to arrive at dealerships only in 2023.

Among the benefits of acquiring this car are a lot, but being the fact that it has five more spacious seats.

Volkswagen did not disclose the measures, but it is believed that it will have a significant difference when compared to its competitors.

With a 158 horsepower 1.4 liter engine, capacity for 51 liters of gasoline or alcohol.

Know that the new Taos 2023 from VW is 10.9km/l in the city and 13km/l on the road, that is, it has greater autonomy compared to others.