Yamaha Lander 250: the best seller on the market

The new release of the Yamaha Lander 250 model has been a sales success, this compared to its competitor Honda XRE 300.

First of all, know that this increase in the sale of this Yamaha model is in relation to the month of September 2022.

Thus, in the month of September alone, about 3,217 units of the Yamaha Lander 250 were licensed, while the XRE 300 had only 2,496.

But after all, what made the Lander 250 have such sales per month compared to its competitor?

You need to know that the Yamaha Lander 250 provides comfort, as well as being more durable and economical.

Another advantage is that you can buy your Lander 250 in three colors, being white, beige and blue.

When it comes to power, the Yamaha Lander 250 model comes out ahead, that's because it has 8000 rpm (gasoline), in addition to a 4-liter reserve tank.