Does a car run 2000000 km without starting the engine?

Toyota Corolla owner says he ran 2 million km with the same car's original engine.

Newspaper delivery contractor Graeme Hebley confirms that he managed to roll 2 million KM (approximately 1.24 million miles) with his Corolla.

We know the Toyota brand is incredibly tough, but that mileage is already too much.

So contractor Graeme walks 4 hours to get from Wellington to New Plymounnth in his 1993 Toyota Corolla. He continues to deliver the local newspapers six days a week, and has done so since the 1960s.

With information from Guthie's Auto Care, Graeme drives approximately 5,000 KM (3,100 miles) per week. So running that much, he needs to do preventive maintenance every 15 days.

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Newspaper delivery guy bought his 1993 Toyota Corolla in the year 2000 with approximately 80,000km (50,000 miles). Although he does the maintenance such as changing bearings and belts, the car is totally original.

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He continues to do the maintenance in the same place, since he bought the vehicle, more than 22 years ago.

With information given by the mechanic, John Sherman, the car still works with the original engine and gearbox of the year.

John was asked if it was possible for him to have run all this with the car, and John said yes, due to a large combination of factors such as regular maintenance and car care. Anyway, this is a Corolla, which is considered a low maintenance car.

Toyota has a reputation for having complete confidence in their cars, making mechanics sad that they don't break down all the time.

John also said he wouldn't believe the story if he hadn't serviced Graeme's car himself.

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