Beetle 0km: Volkswagen Itamar 1993

The Beetles have gone out of line, know that there are still models that are 0 km.

One of these is the Volkswagen Itamar 1993 model.

The Itamar Beetle came about because of President Itamar Franco, in 1993.

President Itamar Franco, who believed that Brazilians needed an affordable popular car, asked Volkswagen to resume production of the Beetle.

Remembering that the production of Beetles in Brazil had been suspended in 1986.

If you have the dream of having the Itamar 1993 0km in your garage, know that it is still possible.

That's because, you can still buy the VW 0km Itamar beetle 1993, that is, it was never used and plated.

This car has a 1600cc engine, with body-colored bumpers, yellow waistband side strips, no chrome trim.