Abandoned almost 30 years: MB 1318 truck is still 0km

An amazing MB 1318 truck was found abandoned and 0 km to this day.

We know that these cases of abandoned trucks were common, but 0 km is more difficult.

For any normal person, storing a truck for that long is not very feasible. That's why these cases of vehicles found still 0 km, it's very rare to happen.

The truck was found with only 00397 km on the odometer, it was probably taken from the factory to the owner's address, where it stayed for this whole time.

In the past, it was a way of not losing money to inflation. In the 80's and 90's many people did this, it was very common to try to save money.

This Mercedes Benz 1318 is from the year 1988 and was only rescued in the year 2015. The truck was found with only 00397 km

Probably this MB 1318 must be parked in some collector's garage. Because it's such a relic.