Abandoned almost 30 years: MB 1318 truck is still 0km

An amazing MB 1318 truck was found abandoned and 0 km to this day.

We know that these cases of abandoned trucks were common, but 0 km is more difficult. Therefore, because it is something more expensive, hardly anyone would buy it to leave it idle without being used.

For any normal person, storing a truck for that long is not very feasible. That's why these cases of vehicles found still 0 km, it's very rare to happen.

In the past, it was a way of not losing money to inflation. In the 80's and 90's many people did this, it was very common to try to save money.

Some companies even stocked several vehicles, so as not to lose money from work. Since money depreciated every day.

This Mercedes Benz 1318 is from the year 1988 and was only rescued in the year 2015. The truck was found with only 00397 km on the odometer, it was probably taken from the factory to the owner's address, where it stayed for this whole time.

The MB 1318 1988 truck was abandoned in this same garage for almost 30 years.

Anyway this truck is newer than many cars of the year, it looks like it just left the factory.

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So we'll tell you a little bit of this surprising story, which will surely impress anyone who likes trucks or vintage vehicles.

With some information, this truck had a new paint job on the chassis and wheels. Even without running, the truck suffered from the humidity of the place. Apart from that, it is entirely original, the way it came from the automaker.

We don't know if a truck in this state it can be used to run and work again.

Probably this MB 1318 must be parked in some collector's garage. Because it is such a relic, just look at the machine that already comes to mind the good times of life, where diesel was very cheap, and freight was still good.

Source: Fixed World and Trucker's Blog

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