New Beetle Restomod 2023 revealed by $ 600k

The new Beetle Restomod 2023 was revealed with a price tag of $ 600k. Value that makes anyone's eyes water.

So Milivié, a company that was just created in Germany, has just announced its first product, a restomod of the iconic VW Beetle.

The brand informed that only 22 units of this new Beetle will be manufactured. This number by the reference of the 22 million units manufactured of the Beetle.

What drew the most attention in this announcement was the initial value of € 570,000 ($ 599,511). Although here in Brazil it would be almost impossible to have a copy of this, which in addition to the price being expensive, to import is also a fortune.

The Milivié company was created by engineer Jonathan Engler to redesign iconic Volkswagen cars. Anyway, right away he decided to develop the most famous of all, the Volkswagen Beetle.

The design of the car's exterior remains very similar to the old model. Just the car's headlights that were modernized and replaced by LED, with some details inspired by the Porsche line.

One difference that we can notice is that they changed the Volkswagen emblems and put the Milivié brand.

The engine of the new Beetle is a 2.2 liter, air-cooled and with two Weber carburetors. So it's still rear-wheel drive, with a 4-speed automatic transmission system, the same as the Porsche Carrera 2.

As for the brake system, it has been updated with 343 mm discs and lightweight monoblock calipers.

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Inside the car, the dashboard has been completely redesigned, with places for open storage.

The car is designed for up to four people, with heated and individual seats.

However, the company Milivié is already accepting reservations, and the starting value of the car is €570,000 (US$ 599,511) per unit.

So the delivery forecast for the first unit is in July 2023, and the completion of the 22 units by the month of May 2025.

So we have to wait to see this new model come to Brazil, to see it running here on the streets.

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