Scania T-112 Golden Jubilee truck was abandoned for years

This Scania T-112 truck in black color is a special series of the Golden Jubilee model that was found abandoned for years in the same garage.

The Scania brand is a Swedish company that manufactures its trucks and buses with diesel engines. Therefore Scania also manufactures marine and stationary engines.

With around 35,000 employees, and operations in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, Scania has been operating in approximately 100 countries around the world.

A company founded in the year 1891 in Sweden, with the name of Maskinfabriks AB Scania.

In 1911, the brand associated itself with another manufacturer that was already in the automotive area. In 1995, this association ended and the name began to be just Scania AB.

Finally, in 2011 alone, Volkswagen paid around 6.7 billion euros to buy Scania.

We know that Scania's trailers and buses have been a huge success for decades here in the Brazilian market.

Therefore, Netinho Pinheiro, made a post in a group, showing one of his greatest discoveries to date.

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He caught this Scania T112 HW 4×2 from the year 1991, special series “Golden Jubilee” in black. O truck is abandoned in the parking lot, which is in a gas station that has been decommissioned.

The truck was bought to transport gasoline, and it belongs to one of the owners of the station. So with some information, he has no interest in selling his Scania.

So this Scania T112 truck has been abandoned in the same place for over 23 years, just gathering dust.

Good thing Netinho Pinheiro was able to take these pictures of the truck. So we can tell a little bit of the story and show some images of Scania that is in a state of 0 km.

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