Check out the transformation of the Dodge Charge into a V8 Pickup

Dodge Charge is transformed into an amazing V8-engined pickup truck!

It's not every day you'll see a Dodge Charge Pickup, especially with a V8 engine and approximately 500 horsepower.

Another successful project, today we will show you another jaw-dropping transformation.

Have you ever thought about cutting a car, or rather a Dodge Charge V8 that generates almost 500 horsepower, and making it into a pickup truck?

So the designers at AJS GARAGE, located in the USA, decided to develop this new car model. They're going to make a Super Pickup, derived from the Dodge Charge, another project coming true.

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They transformed the car with a 6.1 liter V8 engine. This is probably the strongest pickup in the world.

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GM even tried to produce cars in this category, but was unsuccessful. Due to some financial problems, in 2009 GM was unable to keep Pontiacs on the market and ended up discontinuing the Pontiac brand.

Symth Performance of Wareham, a company that specializes in manufacturing pickup kits for Subaru, Audi and Volkswagen, helped develop this project and made AJS Garage's work much easier.

So we can say that the car was amazing. That if I hadn't seen it being produced, I would think it left the factory like this.

Check below some photos of this machine, a unique and exclusive vehicle. A Dodge Charge SRT8 pickup with a V8 engine of approximately 500 hp.

Image credits to “AJS CARAGE”.
Source: Fixed World

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