Abandoned almost 40 years: Mercedes 1113 truck is still 0KM

Another stories of a Mercedes 1113 truck that was abandoned. He was found after more than 30 years, still zero KM.

The company Mercedes Benz started in the production of vehicles in 1956 here in Brazil. And his first truck model was the L 312, which was known at the time as the “Torpedo”.

Only after the launch of the L1113 in 1970 did Mercedes gain recognition and become the best-selling truck brand in Brazil.

At that time, more than 200,000 units were sold.

The Mercedes L 1113 truck was produced from 1969 to 1987.

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Finally, according to Denatran, more than 180,000 units of this type may still be running in Brazil today.

Despite everything, even with this history we know that the truck has always been great to work with. So nowadays it ends up being more difficult to find one of this model that is still whole and preserved.

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Amazingly, the incredible hunter of rare vehicles and 0km found an MB 1113 year 1983 with only 1280 km on it. Practically zero kilometer and factory original.

Reginaldo de Campinas is a rare vehicle hunter, and he found this truck abandoned in a sawmill, located in Matão, SP.

The sawmill went bankrupt in 1983, very close to the purchase of the truck. However, this mileage that is marking, was to take the truck from São Bernardo do Campo, SP, to the dealership that was in Paraná, and then to the sawmill.

After the truck was found, all he had to do was change the old oils and liquids, give it a nice bath and that was it, he was back on the streets of Brazil.

So we don't know if the model is still for sale and we also don't have information about the owner.

Sources: Trucker's Blog and Fixed World
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