Mercedes 1618 Zero KM Truck Found Until Today

The Mercedes Truck was stored for approximately 32 years in a garage.

Finally, with another discovery, the relic hunter, Reginaldo de Campinas has just rescued another relic.

So we know that Reginaldo de Campinas is an incredible hunter of rare vehicles and 0KM models.

So we are talking about a Mercedes truck model 1618 that has never been driven, whose dashboard is showing 00040 km, really 0 km.

However, we can say that it is a unique rarity, a model like this and still in zero conditions, preserved until the year we are, 2022.

photo reproduction

This model was the first Mercedes-Benz truck that was manufactured here in Brazil. Its production began in 1956, confirming the national production at the factory in São Bernardo.

The Mercedes 1618 truck found by Reginaldo is from 1990 and has a reduced gearbox system (which was optional at the time).

This truck has never been put to work or work, it's still totally original, it looks like it's coming out of the factory.

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At the time of hyperinflation in Brazil, between the 80's and 90's, Brazilians bought 0KM cars or trucks to store.

The vehicles served as a guarantee and protection of their assets. Finally with this truck it was no different.

Surely, to this day, there must be many of these 0KM cars and trucks stored in garages. They are becoming absolute rarities.

Source: Fixedworld
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