1989 Mercedes Benz 1318 truck found 0KM to date

An amazing Mercedes 1318 truck from the year 1989 was found in a shed still zero kilometer, until today.

We know that the late 1980s and early 1990s were a very difficult period for Brazilians.

The country went through a situation where inflation reached four digits, closing the year at approximately 1.037%.

Brazilians tried to take care of their income, and so they bought cars and trucks to keep. A safer way to have your money invested in something solid.

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Therefore the great hunter of rare vehicles and 0KM, Júlio Raridades found another relic. A Mercedes Benz 1318 truck from the year 1989, which to this day is 0KM, and has its purchase receipt.

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The owner of this truck is a farmer who bought two at that time. So he left one at work and the other kept in a shed, as a form of investment.

However in the year 2013, unfortunately he died and left this machine unused, totally original and 0KM.

The truck never even got its license plate, and it remains intact to this day in the same shed that the farmer glued.

Source: Fixed World
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