Volvo develops safety feature for electric trucks

New design for safety feature developed for electric trucks by Volvo brand.

Volvo, which is always innovating in the transport sector, has just released a big and important safety feature.

The system is called “Active Grip Control”, which was developed and patented for electric trucks.

This technology guarantees a lot of improvement in wet or slippery track conditions. It can improve the issue of vehicle stability, in addition to the acceleration and braking of the machine.

Like electric motors, this technology means that the force that is generated is controlled between its wheels. Thus stabilizing the vehicle in an instant, preventing tire skidding.

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Volvo carried out several tests with the FH Electric model on a low-friction, fully loaded surface. However it showed better performance in its acceleration at approximately 50%.

If at any time the truck skids on the track, the vehicle's control system will be activated. Thus reacting to road conditions and adjusting automatically.

Thus using the vehicle's own electric motors, efficiently helping the driver to control the vehicle.

Anna Berling, who is Volvo Trucks' Director of Traffic and Product Safety, told us that she noticed a significant improvement in productivity when going up a slippery road.

Anyway, what would be great even for truck drivers in the construction area, or in areas where the roads are bad and potholed.

This new technology that the automaker is bringing offers its customers greater ability to cross hard-to-reach roads.

“This technology was developed and is exclusive to the Volvo Group, which is protected by patents”, explained Anna, director of the group.

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Volvo's amazing feature, Active Grip Control, will be available on the automaker's big trucks. In Volvo FH, FM and Volvo FMX Electric models, which are used for transport and construction.

Volvo has already said that it will also have a version of this feature in trucks with diesel or CNG transmission.

We still don't have a certain date for the big launch of this technology. So let's wait anxiously, due to the great security it will provide.

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