Abandoned over 20 years this Ford F-4000 continues 0 km to this day

The Ford F-4000 was hidden for over 20 years in a shed, and now it has been rescued.

So this F-4000 was produced by the amazing Ford Caminhões, since 1975 here in Brazil. It was produced for years, due to its durability and reliability, this version had many buyers and admirers.

Because it is a model widely used in dry cargo transport. Anyway, this F-4000 was widely used for transporting gas cylinders, for maintenance of energy networks, or even to be a refrigerator and transport meat.

For those who are passionate about the model, you will be impressed with this F-4000 0km to this day.

The truck was parked in the same garage for more than 20 years, without wheels for work or a ride. Until the incredible rarity hunter, Reginaldo de Campinas, found and rescued.

Anyway, the Ford F-4000 has only 0082km marked on its odometer. Well, it went from the factory in São Bernardo do Campo SP, to the place that was the Ford dealership, and then to the buyer's house.

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After being delivered to the buyer's home, the truck never left the garage.

The Ford F-4000 was purchased at the time of hyperinflation, when inflation went from 800% per month. At that time Brazilians bought cars and trucks to keep and try to protect their money from work.

We know it's almost impossible to find a 1991 Ford, still 0km away. So enjoy the images that we will show you below.

Source: Fixed World

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