The 5 best-selling pickup trucks in Brazil in 2022

You don't know which is the top 5 of the best selling pickup trucks in Brazil throughout the year 2022? So read on and find out next!

The best-selling pickups throughout the year 2022 that we are going to present to you below are the most economical.

Due to this car model being an investment of approximately 100 thousand reais, when choosing, many opted for the more economical versions.

In the category of flex-type and gasoline-powered pickups is the Fiat Strada, because it is a super efficient car that uses little gasoline.

In general, this car manages to do a little more than 12 km / l inside the city and 14 km / l on the road.

Still in this category we have the Saveiro da Volkswagen, being a compact and very efficient model that fell in the taste of customers because of its economy.

Already in 3rd place we have another car from the company Fiat.

The Fiat Toro is another perfect model for those who want a pickup truck to drive on the road, as in addition to being comfortable, it manages to do an average of around 11km/l.

While in the diesel-powered category, we will present the two pickups that were the best sellers in 2022 for being economical.

The Fiat Toro stands out on this list because it can do up to 12.7 km/l on the road. In addition, the diesel-powered version of this car is cheaper than the gasoline-powered version of this car.

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Finally, the Mitsubishi L200 Triton has several versions, all of which, on average, can travel around 10 km / l in the city and on the road it does up to 12.5 km / l.

It is worth mentioning that the cheapest version of the four versions of the Fiat Toro is the Endurance Turbo 270 Flex AT6, which is costing around R$ 146,716.

Thus, it can be seen that in 2022 pickup truck enthusiasts preferred more economical models, because they are used more frequently.

Plus, with so many pickup truck options, it's obvious why Fiat is always at the top of amis cars sold in Brazil.

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Source: Auto Sport