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New Genesis GV60 2023: modern and comfortable

The Genesis company has launched the new GV60 2023, a modern and comfortable car, being the manufacturer's first EV. Check below for more details!

As you can already see, the future of automobile cars is to be all electric or at least hybrid.

In order not to fall behind Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6, Genesis launched its first EV that promises comfort, power and agility when charging.

Genesis cars are famous for being luxury cars, as is the case with the G80 and G90 models, but in this electric car the company did not leave anything to be desired, being super silent and powerful.

Having a very powerful engine, 429 horsepower, you don't need a button to accelerate it.

Thus, this car is available in two types of finish, with Advanced AWD
Performance AWD.

The model with basic finish, being the Advanced AWD can do up to 400 km when its battery is 100% supplied.

This is possible only because of its electric motor technology where each axle provides 314 hp.

On the other hand, the Performance AWD model as the name suggests has a higher power.

You will have at your disposal an electric car with a power of 429 horsepower with a battery that has a torque of 77.4 kWh.

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However, the range of this car drops to less than 400 km when the battery is 100% charged, this is because the GV60 2023 has a higher power that consumes more battery.

Another advantage of this car is that it charges super fast, in about 20 minutes you will have charged 80% battery.

When it comes to design, Genesis brought a small car in the style of a premium crossover SUV, bringing together all the best in technology.

With 21-inch wheels and an aggressive front bumper, it makes this car look imposing.

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Source: Insideevs