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Onix 2023: with visual changes

Onix 2023 has new visual updates, in addition to the mechanical part and equipment package that brings news. Keep reading and learn more about the updates!

Due to the pandemic during the years 2020 to 2022, the Chevrolet there was a drop in the number of sales of Onix model cars.

Until then, the company had been the sales leader for about six years, with Onix being the best seller.

However, to get out of the crisis, Chevrolet launched the Onix 2023 with updates available in 7 models from the Onix Turbo series and 5 from the Plus series.

But, in general, we are going to present the main characteristics of this new Onix that will certainly arouse your interest.

Starting with the external updates of this car, you will now have 16″ wheels in the Premier and LTZ versions, as well as door handles with chrome trim.

It is worth mentioning that Chevrolet has not changed the colors of the Onixes, you will still be able to choose one of the following colors: Seeker Blue, Summit White, Satin Steel Gray, Switchblade Silver, Black Gold Black and Carmine Red.

Regarding the Onix engine, although it remains a 1.0 turbo, know that it had some modifications to improve performance.

That way, you will now have a machine with 116 hp and 16.8 kgfm of power.

Remembering that these numbers are for when you are using the Onix 2023 fueled with ethanol.

Regardless of whether you buy the Plus or Primer version, know that both have a six-speed manual transmission.

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However, only the turbo engine can already have the automatic transmission, that too with six gears.

When it comes to technology, Chevrolet hasn't left out some features to help you be more visible in traffic and safer.

At the front of this car, you will have night driving LED lights, this to provide you with more safety.

O Onyx 2023 also has 6 front, side and curtain airbags, and a speed limit controller to ensure your safety and that of passengers.

Finally, know that the price of this car may vary according to each version, but it is available from R$70,000.

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