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Car models that will be released in 2024

You still don't know which car models will be released in 2024? So keep reading this text and learn in detail about each of the models!

With releases scheduled for 2024 to Toyota and the Range already have their cars ready for sale and if in doubt with projects for 2025.

But, today we are going to introduce you to the five car models that intend to be a sales success in the market during the year 2024.

First of all, we have the Toyota Compact Cruiser. This car has a unique design, because its style is more square and with robust bumpers.

In addition, it has a body coating that draws attention due to its resistance, so it is a perfect car to hit the road.

These and other features make this car stand out in the market.

Already in 2nd place you will have another Toyota car, the Crow SUV EV.

Yes, Toyota has released an electric car, perfect for those who like sedans and larger vehicles.

Remembering that the bet of the time is electric and hybrid cars.

In third place, among the car models, we have one more from the Toyota lineup.

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Expected to be launched in 2024, the BZ5X has a more robust appearance in addition to being gas powered, thus being a more modern option.

Already in 4th place, you will have another electric car option, but from Ranger Rover.

Although it is an SUV, Ranger does not leave anything to be desired. Therefore, this model has the same luxury as the brand, in addition to having three rows of seats and a 600 hp engine.

Finally, the electric Dodge Muscle Car comes with a lower and wider design, reminiscent of classic models.

So, faced with so many options, there is no denying that the automotive market is full of high-level options.

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