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Citroën C3 2023: the most important launch of the brand

Present in the Brazilian market for more than 30 years, this company launches the Citroën C3 model that came to compete with popular brands.

As was to be expected from Citroën, this brand would not be left out when it comes to compact and popular cars.

Citroën is willing to compete with the HB20, Onix, Fiat Argo, Gol and Sandero.

The new C3 2023 car has a 1.0 horsepower engine, making it very clear that Citroën's goal is to compete with the most popular models.

In all, Citroën has launched seven models, showing that it is no joke.

Among the models we can find a significant price variation, and there are models that value between 68 to 90 thousand reais.

That way, in addition to the difference in values, you will also find a difference in the engine and even in the color available.

Therefore, the cheapest model has a 1.0 Firefly engine, with three cylinders of 75 hp and only five gears.

As for the most expensive models in the line, you will have a car with more power, because the engine is a 1.6-liter four-cylinder from the EC5 family.

The advantage of the C3 1.6 is that it has a power of 120 hp and can be adapted to up to six gears if you want, in addition to being flex.

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And the news doesn't stop here!

When it comes to the design of the Citroën C3, know that unlike previous versions, these do not have rounded lines.

Another advantage of the Citroën C3 is that due to its spaciousness you will have a taller and larger body, with a capacity of 315 liters.

Inside you will have more comfort, as the seats are more spacious.

Due to being a French brand, Citroën took care to put an English accent and Brazilian slang in its voice command.

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