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Jeep's new SUV model, the 2023 Compass Trailhawk

The new Jeep SUV Model, the Compass Trailhawk 2023 is now available for purchase, bringing news such as different details.

The Compass 2023 is an SUV model, that is, a compact car made especially for driving around the city.

But, this new Jeep release promises changes, starting with its design, such as the hood that now has a more elegant and less sporty style.

In addition, unlike other Jeep SUV models, the Compass Trailhawk has the power to clear dirt roads.

In this way, the mechanical part of the car underwent changes to make it more efficient.

With a 2.0 engine, with a maximum power of 170 horsepower and a maximum speed of 194 km/h and rain sensor, it allows you to travel even in adverse situations.

The Compass Trailhawk holds 60 liters of fuel, allowing you even more to travel with peace of mind.

In addition, fuel consumption on the road is only 10.3 km / l, being considered an economy car.

While on the road, the Compass consumes around 12.8 km/l, providing longer trips without having to stay in the middle of the road.

Still on the mechanical part of this car, it is worth remembering that the Jeep added 4×4 traction, electric steering and disc brakes on the rear wheels.

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And since it couldn't be left out, Jeep brought the best when it comes to technology.

Inside the Compass Trailhawk comes a multimedia screen compatible with both Android and Apple.

In addition to all this, it still has voice command and audio control.

It has a parking sensor and a reverse camera to speed up the process and blind spot alert to avoid accidents, thus ensuring greater safety.

Finally, we can see that although it is not a car with urban style and mechanics, the Compass Trailhawk provides comfort and safety no matter where you are.

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Source: Clubmotor