Yamaha MT-10 2023: power, speed and economy

Yamaha has launched a new model, the Yamaha MT-10 2023. In addition, it brings an innovative and sporty design, with power and more economical.

In this new release, Yamaha did not skimp on its finances when it came to innovating and bringing a modern motorcycle with a robust design.

So, if you love sporty style motorcycles, know that the Yamaha MT-10 2023 is perfect for you.

The new Yamaha MT-10 2023 has an aluminum structure, in addition to an adjustable KYB type suspension that provides more comfort and flexibility when riding.

Although the MT-10's datasheet has not yet been released, you can expect a motorcycle with 998 cc, 160 horsepower and 11,500 rpm.

And it doesn't stop here!

You will have 6 synchronized speeds at your disposal for traveling on the road.

Regarding its fuel capacity, the 2023 Yamaha MT-10 is capable of storing up to 17 liters.

To complete, so that you can enjoy your Yamaha MT-10 2023, the average consumption is only 12.5 km / l.

It is worth mentioning that you must fill the engine of this motorcycle with gasoline.

In this way, in front of this technical sheet you can see that Yamaha wants to deliver a powerful and economical motorcycle.

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Now, in terms of the aesthetic part of this bike, it goes with the “Speed in Darkness” theme, a theme that matches the luxurious and aggressive design.

With a unique design, it brings a futuristic air, so its headlights are two wrapped in diagonal metal armor.

In this new version, the tires are wider and with steel support.

The MT-10 2023 model is expected to arrive in Brazil at a value of 58 thousand reais.

So, you can start preparing your credit card, because this machine will be available in some dealerships in Brazil.

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Source: Moto Report