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Suzuki Jimny transforms into a Jeep 4×4

Suzuki released the Jimny so that it turned into a 4×4, looking very similar to the Cherokee XJ. Keep reading and find out!

The boxy shape and timeless off-road proportions of the Suzuki Jimny make it the perfect candidate for custom body kits.

This explains the variety of options available for the tiny 4×4 in Japan, the latest being a Jeep Cherokee XJ style bodykit from a company called Marvelous.

Like the model, the Jeep Cherokee XJ, which was sold in the USA between 1983 and 2001, has a similar character to the Suzuki Jimny in terms of exterior design, justifying the front part.

The highlight, of course, is the new front end that combines a six-slot grille (very similar to Jeep's patented seven-slot design) with square headlamps and separate turn signals.

The kit also includes new front and rear bumpers that have an unpainted plastic finish and body-colored wide fender extensions reminiscent of the Wrangler.

Suspension lift kit increases ground clearance by 38mm on narrow or 76mm wide.

For off-road efficiency, this car is paired with a new set of alloy wheels shod in grippy Yokohama Mud/Terrain tires.

Despite four exhausts on one of the examples displayed at the 2023 Nagoya Auto Festival, there are no changes under the hood.

That means this model retains the same naturally aspirated 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that manages to produce 101 hp (75 kW / 102 PS) in the JDM-spec Sierra, or the 658cc three-cylinder turbo engine producing 63 hp. in the base model.

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Marvelous, which is headquartered in Yonago, Japan, has already started taking orders for this car's kit.

So if you want to order the parts separately from Suzuki Jimny, you will need ¥179,600 (R$7,022) for the grille/headlights, ¥67,700 (R$2,646) for the front bumper, ¥69,600 (R$2,723) for the rear bumper and ¥103,600 (R$4. 052) for wide fenders.

But if you want a complete car with all the modifications, including bodykit, wheels, tires and suspension lift, the slim version costs ¥2.33 million (R$91,095), and the taller, wider version costs ¥2, 69 million (R$105,167). Remembering that these values can change until the arrival of this model in Brazil.

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