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Rendering of the Shooting Brake Lexus LC car

See below in detail how the rendering of the car by Shooting Brake Lexus LC would look like, a stylish, comfortable and luxury car that would leave any driver with their jaws dropping.

While there's no denying that the Lexus LC has some pretty odd looking vehicles in its current lineup, the LC's design is hard to fault.

It looks good from every angle and is so extraordinarily stylish that many unassuming drivers would probably think it's a legit supercar.

However, imagine if Lexus made the LC?

Know that the talented Sugar Design skillfully rendered an LC Shooting Brake. Check below for more details on how this car turned out!

Like most models under the Shooting Brake brand, the front end remains virtually identical to the standard Coupe and the changes really start behind the doors.

The roof has been lengthened and there is now a particularly elegant C-pillar that blends in perfectly with the car's overall design.

We think that the LC Shooting Brake It looks especially good in the rear three-quarter view, where the restyled roofline, C-pillar and revised dash immediately catch the eye.

In addition, the designer designed that it would be powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine with advanced technology, such as direct injection and dual turbocharging.

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In terms of power, it would be 471 horsepower, providing a sporty performance and quick responses.

And it doesn't end here! The engine technology is combined with a 10-speed transmission and rear-wheel drive, offering a smooth and trouble-free driving experience.

It goes without saying that a Lexus LC Shooting Brake will likely never come to fruition unless built by an aftermarket company or coachbuilder.

It's a shame, as this model would help broaden the LC's appeal and could boost sales, as Shooting Brake's cars tend to be pretty weird.

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Source: Carscoops