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Toyota Hilux and SW4 2023 with updates

Toyota Hilux and SW4 2023 models bring updates to their models. Find out more about these updates below!

Being available at all dealerships across Brazil, these cars will cost from R$ 220,690 for the Hilux and R$ 378,190 for the SW4.

In this way, starting with Toyota Hilux 2023, this car comes with updates to its engine, having 204 hp of power at a torque of 42.8 Kgfm when it reaches 3400 Rpm.

Remembering that these values are in relation to the model with manual transmission, because in the automatic transmission version this car reaches 50.9 Kgfm at 2800 Rpm.

The interior design is modern and elegant, with high quality finishes and advanced technological features, such as a touchscreen entertainment system, reverse camera and digital air conditioning.

The external design is striking, with robust and aerodynamic lines that convey the idea of strength and sophistication with an 18″ rim.

The 2023 Hilux comes with a number of new features, including full LED headlights, a redesigned front grille and new wheels.

Another great novelty is that the sports version can reach 224 hp, in addition to a series of driver assistance technologies, such as lane change alert, autonomous braking system and much more.

The SW4 2023 car, being an SUV, continued with the same 2.8L 16v diesel engine, having 204 horsepower at a torque of 50.9 Kgfm at 2800 Rpm.

Also, with a six-speed automatic transmission.

However, the GR-Sport version received updates, being the novelty in this model's line.

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Among the major upgrades is the TGV-type turbo engine and intercooler, which has 224 horsepower at a torque of 55 Kgfm.

Regarding the exterior of this car, know that it also has updates.

In this way, the Diamond and GR-Sport versions will have totally different front grille and bumper lighting systems with full-LED headlights.

In addition, the interior has updates, such as coating, finishing and steering wheel, for example.

Therefore, if you are passionate about these models, there is no denying that the Toyota nailed the updates.

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