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Caoa Chery launches a pickup that will arrive in 2023 in Brazil

The Caoa Chery brand has just announced that its new pickup will arrive in Brazil by 2023 and will have a differentiated value from others on the market.

Therefore, Caoa wants to dominate the market and enter the ranking of the best brands in Brazil. And for that, you will also need to attack with a pickup model.

Finally, the automaker presented a model and says it comes to fight directly with Fiat Toro, Ford Maverick and Renaul Oroch. So they're probably preparing a big release for 2023.

We have some information, that the prices of this new pickup from Caoa, will have its prices more attractive than the competition.

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The model is in the development phase, a model that was cited as Tiggo PUP, in a press conference that the company gave in South Africa.

Caoa Chery confirmed by the website IOL Motoring, that they are working on this pickup truck to launch in 2023, in South Africa and also here in Brazil.

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Kleber Silva, incredible vehicle designer at Kdesign AG, made a special projection of what this Caoa Chery pickup would look like. He did all this thinking that the brand wanted a model that is bigger than the Fiat Toro and smaller than the Ranger, Hilux and L200 pickups, so Kleber made one that is intermediate.

He developed this projection based on the Toyota Tundra, for being more robust, and some details of the SUV Exeed VX, which is a top brand in Caoa.

Surely the design of the car was perfect, now we need to wait for the official presentation of the vehicle, to know if it will be similar to the projection.

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