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Check out the projection of the New Honda Civic SS 2024

The new 2024 Honda Civic SS is a cross between the Japanese icon and the US muscle car.

So the model had a projection made by an incredible designer, the famous Kleber Silva from Kdesign.

We already know that Honda and General Motores have partnered and are working on new projects. So we're hoping for some union to develop a model together, or even share the same platforms.

The project would be to develop an EV model, so nothing is certain.

The great Brazilian designer Kleber Silva, who has already made incredible projections, decided to take action. He made this projection of the new Civic, with a touch of the American Muscle Car.

We can imagine a 2024 Honda Civic SS with traces of Chevrolet's Camaro. So far this design is just for us to imagine what it would be like, but a machine like that wouldn't be bad at all.

So let's say that this model is a mix of Civic and Camaro. It would certainly be great to walk or see this model on the streets.

A Japanese sedan with a more angular front, with the shape and features of the famous Camaro.

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This term would probably only be used on the Acura Type R or some other Subaru with a slightly smaller engine.

The amazing USDM has already been used in some American car models. Therefore, most try to be more sporty, fast and accessible to the population.

We still don't know where the Chevrolet Camaro enters this story. Since there are rumors that it won't have a next generation and that it won't be produced anymore.

The model is currently in production, and will continue until 2023. Probably after that date, GM will focus more on electric cars together with Honda.

Source: AutoEvolution and Fixed World

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