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Harley-Davidson 2024: 4 launches in Brazil

If you are passionate about this brand's motorcycles, know that Harley-Davidson 2024 will launch 4 new models here in Brazil. Check out!

Celebrating 120 years of inauguration, the Harley-Davidson this one started to celebrate its birthday, for that reason it launched the 2023 line.

The good news is that among the launches of the 2023 line, Harley has confirmed four of these models to be launched in Brazil in 2024.

And the news doesn't stop here!

The manufacturer even confirmed the price, so you can get ready to buy yours.

Costing from R$11,900 you will have the opportunity to choose between Nightster Special, the Breakout, the Sportster S or the Low Rider ST.

Below you can check the advantages, power and much more about these four models of the Harley-Davidson 2024.

Starting with the Nightster Special, this bike has a 4″ TFT round type display, with Bluetooth connectivity that can be unlocked by voice command.

That is, it is a motorcycle that comes equipped with the very best in technology.

Then the second model is the Breakout.

The Breakout has an ergonomic handlebar, because it is higher than the seat part.

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As for the Sportster S, costing a little over 125,000 reais, this bike offers 121 horsepower at 7,500 rpm.

Having 6 gears this bike can reach a top speed of 220 km/h.

Finally, among the four models that will be launched and that some will arrive this year here in Brazil, is the Low Rider ST.

This bike has many advantages, one of which is the more conservative design.

In addition, it has 103 horsepower and a Milwaukee-Eight 117 V2 engine.

Enthusiasts for this brand also hope that in the coming years Harley will launch other models here in Brazil.

Faced with so many options, now all you have to do is choose the one you like the most and wait for your Harley Davidson to arrive in Brazil.

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