Harley-Davidson Kreator is a modified motorcycle and has the Audi gray color

This Harley-Davidson Kreator is a motorcycle that was modified by the company Nine Hills, and was painted in the Audi gray color.

So with a quick search on what the word “kreator” means. When written with a “k” it reveals the name of the thrash metal band from the 1980s, which was created in Germany.

So from now on, it can also mean an awesome bike Harley-Davidson Breakout 2017, which was completely modified by Polish specialist “Nine Hills”.

Now, modified Breakouts and custom builds brought together by the Nine Hills we've seen before, but this one is special in at least one respect, the Audi gray color.

This would be a special shade of gray never seen on motorcycles, shining so bright it could make even the inventor of the world's most popular type of gray jealous.

It's true though that we're not exactly taking Nardo Gray on this motorcycle, but just look at it. They sprinkled the gray on the fairing, headlight, fuel tank, and front and rear fenders.

As for the bike itself, we're looking at a conversion “clean in form, free of unnecessary graphics or design embellishments”, as its manufacturer describes.

The absence of quirky graphics and design ideas doesn't mean it hasn't changed in other ways.

Starting at the front, we've got some fairing over the otherwise exposed headlight and a redesign of the fuel tank and console so they flow better into the rest of the two-wheeler.

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Smaller parts like the fenders and seat were handcrafted by Nine Hills, but the bigger parts like the wheels are also out of stock.

The rims are also intended to contrast the gray of the build with its black and silver.

If it comes to the mechanics of the bike, not much has changed, but we have an Arlen Ness air filter and a Vance & Hines exhaust. Over the engine and a Legend air suspension to keep the bike properly on the road.

The Harley-Davidson Kreator (also known as the Wizard) is an older Nine Hills build, but still listed on their website. It just means these guys could easily recreate the build (or at least the impressive paint job) on other bikes.

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