Top 5 Harley Dadvison models

Are you passionate about motorcycles and don't know what the top 5 Harley Davidson models are? Check out the most famous models below.

But first you need to know that Harley Davidson motorcycles are famous for being urban and touring bikes.

One of the main features of the top 5 Harley Davidson models is the fact that the bikes are robust and modern.

Pan America 1250

The Pan-America 1250 is a very famous model and one of Harley Davidson's best sellers, because it is a more sporty style of motorcycle.

With a 150 horsepower motorbike, you'll have plenty of power to tackle steep roads. Currently this bike is costing around 85 thousand reais.


Now if you prefer motorcycles with a more classic style, know that the Nighttste model is perfect for you.

With a black casing and a Max 975-T moto, it provides a surreal experience.

The good news is that among the top 5 Harley Davidson models, this is the one with the most affordable price, at R$65,000.

Low Rider S

Now if you are looking for a more modern model, the Low Rider S is the most suitable for you.

With a more minimalist footprint, when acquiring the Low Rider S for a value of 76 thousand reais, it has 3500 RPM.

And it doesn't stop there, the Low Rider S also has a Wrinkle Black finish, which gives it an even more sophisticated look.

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Fat BOB 114

The Harley Davidson Fat BOB 114 brings together the main features of a classic style motorcycle.

With a bronze-colored armor, its elongated model refers to old motorcycles.

With capacity for more than 22 liters of fuel, all this for a value of 81 thousand reais.

S2 Live Wire Del Mar

Now if what you are looking for is a Harley Davidson motorcycle that is economical and has a more modern style, the S2 Live Wire Del Mar is perfect for you.

Estimated at a value of 85 thousand reais, it can reach up to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and LED headlights.

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