Honda launches Black Edition model of the Nova CB 1000R

Honda has just launched the CB 1000R 2022 with a new Black Edition model. We have some information that its value will start at R$76,750.00.

With a very aggressive appearance, its design became even more striking. It pioneered the Neo Sports Café style, which combines a more sophisticated design with some café racer lines.

The model brought a shorter tail, and a new LED headlight, which has the shape of a drop finish with the design and makes it even more sporty.

The CB 1000R arrives aggressively, as it is an heir of the traditional “CB” line, Honda could not fail with this model.

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With a slightly straighter handlebar, it allows a more comfortable ride without losing the traits of a sports car, allowing a posture for the pilot, typical of Café Racer models.

The new CB 1000R 2022 has a four-cylinder engine with a new electronic injection system, generating up to 142.8 hp of power, with a torque of 10.2 kgfm.

It continues to provide strong handling and even faster acceleration.

Its clutch system is of the slipper type, which reduces the loss of grip on the rear wheel, if you need to downshift some gears. This system reduces by up to 12% the force needed to operate the bike's lever.

It also has the incredible Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, which was developed to electronically control the slip of the motorcycle's rear wheel, sending the right traction according to the terrain you are on.

The sensors are constantly monitoring the speed of the wheel and if necessary they intervene to control the torque, all in real time.

The new CB 1000R offers four riding modes, allowing the driver to adjust according to their preference.

We know that these settings act directly on the power, your engine brake, the bike's ABS and torque control (HSTC). All this to optimize and guarantee an excellent riding experience.

With a braking system with two 310 mm floating front discs that are activated by 4-piston calipers, which, in addition to ABS, provide great braking and super sensitivity.

The model comes as standard with ABS technology that is integrated with the front and rear brakes, the rear brake will be equipped with a 256 mm disc and two-piston caliper, to offer total control when braking.

Honda has installed an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system which is an accident prevention technology. Technology adopted in some luxury cars, which is also being implemented in all Honda's high-displacement motorcycles.

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In the event of a sudden stop, this system activates the hazard warning lights automatically, flashing the rear turn signals to alert vehicles behind, so they will see that there is an emergency situation, helping to reduce accidents.

The new CB 1000R 2022 comes with an alloy wheel, with seven double spokes, in gloss black. Using Michelin Power tires measuring 120/70 on the front and 190/55 on the rear wheel.

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